Are you taking Estrogen medications to avoid pregnancy, freeze your eggs, have a baby, stop hot flashes?

Is Estrogen Toxic or a Lifesaver for YOU? Will Estrogen will save your heart, bones and sanity? Will Estrogen will give you breast cancer? Find out more on the TEDx talk:

Take an Estrogen Gene Test and Stop the guessing game. Solve the mystery. Map YOUR lifelong Estrogen Health and YOUR Map will help you with drug decisions and offer remedies to leave you the wellbeing to accomplish all your ambitions.

T.J. Hills is the Best-Selling Author of Sex, Drugs, Babies and Breast Cancer: Health Benefits of Estrogen Gene Testing, published by the Better Estrogen Foundation. T.J., in remission from breast cancer since 2009, has appeared at corporate events, TV, radio, print media, podcasts and major medical conferences. She is a Board Member of the Better Estrogen Foundation and Former Board Member of the Estrogen Gene Test Co. and Hormonal Cancer Foundation. She has spent over 30 years on Wall Street.

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In 2009, I was the busy mother of 3, running my own business and ignoring my health.  (Type A, NYC, SuperMom) My Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis came out of the clear blue sky as it does for over 80% of breast cancer patients. Fortunately for me, I met a brilliant biochemist and nutrigenomic expert who explained that while I had no cancer history, I had damage on every one of my estrogen genes. The gene damage combined with a lifetime of excessive estrogen exposures resulted in my body becoming so toxic it contributed to my breast cancer.

MY Estrogen Map gave me simple remedies like DIM (concentrated broccoli), Vitamin C and Fish Oil to improve how my genes functioned and get rid of those toxic estrogens. In conjunction with my traditional breast cancer treatment, improving MY estrogen is vital to my ongoing health and longevity.

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