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G.D., Event Planner, COLDWELL BANKER , “TJ speaks common sense about women’s bodies. She brings to light issues hiding in plain sight like how we take drugs to manage our sex lives for decades.”


Estrogen and estrogen medications play a huge role in womens’ lives. Trying not to get pregnant, needing help getting pregnant or when done making babies – these 3 cycles in women’s lives can result in years of birth control pills, hormone replacement and sometimes infertility medications.

Diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer at 44, TJ learned about how her family didn’t get rid of excess estrogens contributing to conditions like endometriosis, fibroid tumors and in her case, breast cancer.

She inspires audiences to take advantage of affordable nutrigenomic Estrogen Gene Testing or a lifelong Estrogen Map to guide decision making about drugs and other exposures like skincare, food and water. The Map provides individualized remedies so that estrogen doesn’t become toxic.

Audience members will leave understanding:

  • How to use Their Estrogen Map for:
    • Better decisions on drugs used to Not make a baby, with Help Making a Baby and when were Done making Babies
    • Tools for making sure Estrogen doesn’t become toxic
    • More control over their own bodies,
    • Better questions for physicians
    • More information to plan each step of their fertility lifecycle
    • Better health resulting in the freedom to focus on personal and professional goals.




S.G., Commercial Planning, PepsiCo. “TJ talks about things in a way that actually wants me to take the time to take care of myself. All women should hear about the Estrogen Map.”


Superwomen juggling career, children, marriage, homes and countless other responsibilities often put their health at the bottom of the list which can have potentially ruinous consequences.

T.J. Hills tells her cautionary tale about ignoring her health while as the mother of 3 young children and running a successful financial consulting firm until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Overnight, her health and avoiding death became all consuming. She soon learned about the outsized role estrogen and played in her family history and now her own.

Her issues an inspiring call to action for female executives to use an Estrogen Map to pay attention to their own bodies and improve their estrogen health with a toolkit for decision making at every stage of fertility; Not making babies, needing Help making babies and being done making babies.

Ultimately, a simple time investment in YOUR Estrogen Map will save time and health leaving busy Superwomen in a better place to achieve  ambitions at work and at home.

Audience members will leave understanding:

  • How certain daily decision may result in health disasters
  • How to choose health over personal neglect and how taking care of one’s health is a vital component for success
  • How to use Their Estrogen Map for:
    • Tools for making sure Estrogen doesn’t become toxic
    • More control over their own bodies,
    • Better questions for physicians
    • More information to plan each step of their fertility lifecycle
    • Better health resulting in the freedom to focus on personal and professional goals




LB, Event Manager, Labroots Genetics Virtual Week, “Ms. Hills makes a highly technical subject east to understand to general, research and medical audience. Genomic Testing is the future of medicine and she is ahead of the pack.”


Soon after a 2009 diagnosis of an aggressive ER+/PR+ breast cancer, TJ Hills met a brilliant biochemist conducting Nutrigenomic research with the military. Nutrigenomics is the study of genes that can be influences for better or worse function by diet, environmental exposures and other compounds. One of his studies using Estrogen Metabolism Gene testing and the  involved a few hundred veterans with a similar breast cancer diagnosis, none of whom had a recurrence.

TJ Hills studied the remedies involved in improving gene function and using personalized medicine or nutrigenomic testing to inform medication decisions. Passionate about this work she led the Estrogen Gene Testing Company issuing a call to action for all medical professionals.

Medical professionals will learn when estrogen metabolism nutrigenomic testing can be applied in their practices leading to more confident decisions about prescriptions for birth control and hormone replacement as well as offering family planning advice. Estrogen metabolism dysfunction plays a role in endometriosis, fibroid tumours, irregular bleeding, PCOS, ovarian cysts, severe acne and breast, ovarian, endometrial and pancreatic cancers.

Their patients’ health will benefit greatly from using individualized medicine resulting in better outcomes and less iteration once the medical course is set.

Audience members will leave understanding:

  • How individualized medicine can result in a more successful practice
  • How to use Estrogen Metabolism Gene Testing,
  • How to Combine Patient Estrogen Exposure History and Family – History of Medical conditions in which Estrogen metabolism dysfunction and Gene Testing
  • How to use results to prescribe medications more precisely especially hormone replacement
  • How to identify patients which must be monitored more closely for breast cancer risks
  • How to work with breast cancer patients to alleviate chemical menopause and contribute to improved recurrence odds







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