Estrogen Gene Testing/Treatment


All Testing must be ordered by a Healthcare Professional; a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, osteopath, chiropractor or acupuncturist.
Genetic Tests measure your lifelong Estrogen Metabolism function.
Most test results will take 4-6 weeks to deliver from the time the company’s lab receives the test kit back. 

Testing Companies operating in the US and other countries:

Tool Box Genomics: Patients may order directly with an in-house physician consultation – The Hormone Panel  –

DNApal: Patients may order directly with an in-house physician consultation DNA Test Packages [DNA testing for your health from DNApal]

3 X 4 Genetics – 3×4 offers referrals to healthcare professionals ready to order the test. They are based in the US and throughout Europe. Ready to take control of your health? (

Genova Diagnostics Genomic Testing | EstroGenomic Profile® (

Testing Companies operating in Europe and other countries:

ADN & Salud:  Patient may order at DNA test of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) (

Novogenia: Healthcare Professional Orders  at

Nordic Laboratories: Healthcare Professional Orders at: DNA Oestrogen | DNAlysis (

Testing Companies operating in Australia/New Zealand:

FX Med: HealthCare Professional Orders at: DNA Oestrogen | FxMed

DNALYSIS offers referrals to healthcare professionals ready to order the test: oestrogen® – DNAlysis

ALTERNATIVES to explore:

These alternatives are listed but are not ‘recommended’ as the laboratories used and the specific places on the genes tested do not necessarily correlate directly with the healthcare reports issued and so may not be a substitute for medical genetic testing supervised by a physician. With that as a warning, since so many people have already had a 23andMe or Ancestry DNA test, interpretations of the raw data are available at:

Welcome to Genetic Lifehacks! – Genetic Lifehacks

Detox Panel – Genetic Genie

Blood Tests and Urine Test that measure if the interventions are working to improve estrogen function are available from U.S. Based Specialty Labs such as:

Meridian Valley Lab

ZRT Laboratory

Precision Analytical DUTCH Test

Quest & Labcorp & Other Hospital Labs may test:

16 Alpha-Hydroxyestrone
2:16 Alpha-Hydroxyestrone

*Note: Point-in-Time estrogen testing is notoriously unstable especially for pre-menopausal women.


Take An Estrogen Metabolism Gene Test

Keep a Low BMI (This is super hard for me but I try)

Eat healthfully (Try to limit sugar and junk food)

Take Bio-Response Dim-Pro or Indole 3 Carbinol (That is like eating a roomful of broccoli daily)

Take a strong anti-oxidant such as Vitamin C or Resveratrol

Take a fish oil

Try to Limit Exposure Chemical Exposure to Xeno-Estrogens like insecticides on fruit, vegetables and grass (unwashed grapes), hormones in diary and meat (try more organics), chemicals in sunscreen and cosmetics (read the labels) and Use the Enivronmental Working Group’s Website at to check products.



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