Future Genetic Research on Timing of Menopause

For readers within their fertile years, particularly very young readers, keep a look out for the progress of genetic testing that may predict the timing of the onset of menopause. When this is ready for prime time, it could be a game changer for young women planning out if and when they want to have […]

Direct to Consumer Ovarian Reserve Testing – Menopause Onset Estimate?

Ovarian Reserve Testing is now available directly to consumers. This is an empowering development but the interpretation of results should be discussed with a medical professional. In theory, this would allow for more precise planning about when to have a baby or to make a more refined estimate about IVF success rates. These tests are […]

SEX BABIES The Book Countdown by Shanna Swan

Countdown, by Shanna Swan, https://www.shannaswan.com/countdown¬†is well-written in a manner that allows people without advanced degrees in biochemistry to understand what is happening in Western countries to both male and female fertility. In short, chemical exposures, particularly at certain stages of pregnancy, are resulting in low sperm counts for men and premature ovarian aging for women. […]


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